Industrial Coatings


From shelving to bicycles, furniture to fittings, garage doors to farm machinery, we can supply a coating, whatever your need, SELEMIX SYSTEM offers the ideal solution to achieve a perfect finish. SELEMIX SYSTEM is a high quality multi-mix system, suitable for all painting or surface protection for manufacturing and light industrial businesses

SELEMIX SYSTEM comprises a range of high quality concentrated colour bases and a comprehensive selection of binders. These components combined, provide a paint system tailored to meet your exact requirements in performance, quality or cost.

The flexibility of the binder-tinter association enables us to supply paint systems for a wide range of applications. SELEMIX SYSTEM contains a UHS binder to comply with EU VOC legislation.

SELEMIX – an unbeatable colour range. Over 6,000 colours specifically formulated in each of the three most widely used technology families – polyurethane, nitrocellulose and fast-drying enamel to obtain the most accurate colour matching.

With the Multimix SELEMIX system, more than 18,000 colour formulae are available

Colour formulae cover references for commercial vehicles, industrial vehicles, machine tools, farm machines, heavy vehicles (oil tankers, food carriers, public services, etc.).

Also available are standard references; RAL, Pantone, British Standard and NCS (Natural Colour System).

Automotive Paint Supplies can also produce bespoke colours to match your corporate colours.

These products can be supplied in quantities ranging from Touch up pots & Custom Matched Aerosols to 20ltr Pails. Our Southampton Depot also stocks a range of Blakes marine coatings

Images by Ellie Mears Photography
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