Automotive Coatings

Automotive Paint Supplies can supply a coating to meet the requirements of any vehicle from a vintage car to a 40 ft articulated lorry. All coatings are available either in small quantities as custom-made touch up kits or in aerosol can form, or bulk supplies as a 5ltr mix and any quantity in between.

The product range includes cellulose, synthetic, polyester basecoats, 2k acrylics, 2k polyurethane, Motorcycle  inks & custom colours. New technology water based coatings & compliant UHS coatings.

PPG, Max Meyer, 3B, Palinal, HMG Coatings, Kapci, Nexa & most other leading brands can be supplied from our 3 depots.

Almost any colour can be supplied either from standard formulas or colour matched to a pattern and be supplied via our trade counters, local delivery vans or a courier.

Images by Ellie Mears Photography
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